Stupid Holiday Car Commercials, Part 2

First of all, it’s going on 3 days since I’ve seen that HORRIBLE Audi car commercial which seemed to play endlessly no matter what channel I watched.

I have a new most hated tv commercial, and once again it’s for a car company:

In case you haven’t seen it and don’t want to subject yourself to it, a synopsis:

A man is about to get into his Infiniti when he hears, “Heads up Dave” and a snowball explodes off his windshield spraying him with snow. He looks over and sees another man getting into his BMW. Cut to him in his car on a cell phone saying, “Get your friends.” A brief sequence shows both cars on a snowy road where the Infiniti seems to effortlessly pass the BMW. As the BMW guy gets out of his car he hears, “Heads up, Jim” and gets bombarded by a barrage of snowballs thrown by kids who pop up everywhere. He retreats back into his car which is almost buried under the snowballs. It ends with Dave congratulating his kid by patting him on the head and putting his arm around him as a voice talks about the Infiniti Limited Engagement Winter Event. What???

First, Jim is obviously touted as the bad guy. He has a whiny voice, pinched weasely face and even wears one of those annoying bluetooth headsets. Besides, he starts it with the first snowball.

Dave on the other hand is handsome, with a square jaw and apparently has every kid in the neighborhood at his disposal.

I suppose Jim is supposed to be portrayed as petty, childish and something of a dick. On the other hand, isn’t Dave a bigger dick for taking revenge in an escalated way that could have been harmful?

I know, commercials like this are not meant to be taken seriously. They are likely created by ad writers who are trying to rack their brains for some new and clever 30-second spot. The brand that the commercial is about is often secondary and forgotten. After having seen this ad a dozen times over the last few days I couldn’t even remember what brand auto it was pitching until I viewed the video.

What I hate is twofold. First – that it is aired over and over and OVER again until one is sick of it. Second – that it depicts actions and behavior that would never take place in the real world. Then again, in today’s ever insane world that might not be true anymore.

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