Stupid Holiday Car Commercials, Part 3

I could hardly believe it. This morning when I turned on the TV the very first thing on was that stupid, annoying Audi commercial. I thought it had been retired, but there it was again. Only this time it had been shortened even further. Omitted was the brief scene where the son looks out the window sadly as his parents steal his car, as well as a few seconds showing his dad hanging the stocking with his name on it.

What is appealing about using bad, unrealistic behavior to sell cars? There’s that Infiniti commercial with total jerks waging snowball wars for example. And every year there are lame Lexus ads in which someone receives a car for Christmas (with a giant red ribbon of course). Then there are a slew of commercials where salesmen and customers sing and dance around a showroom or Santa himself is the salesman.

The latter commercials can become annoying because they are repeated ad nauseum, but those showing people doing stupid and rude things actually make me angry. In this day and age when good manners are on the decline, we don’t need these ads – even if they are supposed to be humorous.

What prompted this addition to my series was this commercial:

Nothing about this makes any sense. Do idiots like this exist in real life? Wouldn’t the car salesman have a cell phone to call police about this imminent car theft and kidnapping case? Who the hell talks like that through grinning teeth? And what consumers are they trying to target using such pathetic characters?

I hated this commercial from the first viewing. Of course they run it endlessly which elicits a loud groan from me every time it airs.

Idiotic behavior in advertising is not limited to car commercials. Somehow it seems more offensive though, as cars are an expensive ticket item and driving is already fraught with enough peril without car companies encouraging idiocy on the road.

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