Who Buys This Anyway – an Astounding Array of Belched Out Objet D’Arts

I frequent Hobby Lobby for its respectable selection of arts and crafts supplies – and always take advantage of the 40 percent off coupons they offer just about every week. But I have to say that my jaw drops open every time I enter this store. I have never seen such ugly, kitschy, eyeball-rolling home decor and furnishings … or pardon the expression – objet d’arts – in my life! On clearance these faux antiques and what-nots are relatively cheap, but at full price some are pretty darn expensive. All of these pieces are extruded en masse in some factory in China where people earn 5 cents an hour.

I cannot imagine who buys this stuff, but they surely do or else it wouldn’t be produced. When I am at this store, I should control myself from audibly uttering expletives about the hideous and astoundingly weird selection of home decor. I had a close call recently when I saw a woman with one of these ridiculously ugly pieces in her shopping cart – she nearly heard me when I unleashed a litany of snide remarks. I apologize to anyone who likes these pieces – beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder … to each his own, blah, blah, blah!

The sad thing is that many consumers view these pieces as art – this makes fine artists like me bristle. Bed Bath & Beyond is also guilty of selling this pre-fab, pathetic excuse for art, although in relative terms, their selection isn’t as bad. Many years ago, I was a bit taken aback on my first visit to Hobby Lobby to discover all this tacky home decor, but more perplexed that a classic store like Bed Bath & Beyond would delve into the ugly duckling objet d’arts arena. Luckily the latter’s uninspired, belched out in China cookie-cutter pieces are limited to the wall area in which you check out – nevertheless, a sensory insult for anyone with an ounce of artistic or aesthetic moxie.The following is a motley assortment of photos shot surreptitiously at Hobby Lobby. Had anyone questioned me, I would have stated that I needed to show my husband pics before considering any of these lovely pieces for our home … gulp, with such a boldfaced fib, I fear I may have vomited an expletive.



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