I Was a Daydream Believer – The Last Train for Puppy Love Crush Davy Jones – R.I.P.

Like millions of other 9-14 year-olds in the late 1960s, I was in love with Davy Jones. It is with nostalgic sadness that I reacted to news of his death – he is forever ensconced in my memory as a young and adorable lad, despite the fact that I saw him perform in 2003 at the Arlington Heights festival Frontier Days. And by the way, he was still very good looking and charming.

I liked his mop of brown hair, soulful eyes, and the fact that he was a short little cutie with a sexy British accent. Around the age of 10, I went through a brief period where I actually looked a bit like Davy – donning a cropped hairdo, leather ankle boots, and my requisite love beads. I thought my dad might like me better if I was a tomboy … alas, this phase rapidly petered out, replaced with girlie puppy love for Davy. Peter Tork served as a back-up in case Davy had a real-life girlfriend. While my older sis pined away for Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders, my heart belonged to Davy from 1967-1971.

I was incredibly proud of my large 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat collection with pics of Davy Jones and Monkees articles. I am pretty certain I had this 1967 issue but unfortunately didn’t keep any of my teen mags. I remember entering a contest in which I could win a Nehru jacket worn by none other than Davy himself – the sheer notion was swoon-worthy. I proudly showed off my teen mag collection, Monkees albums, and my prized possession – a plastic toy Monkees guitar to my mom’s cool cousin Suzy as well as any other visitors from out-of-town.

I didn’t really care for the goofy, corny TV program – but to put this in historic context, those were the days of really weird shows like The Banana Splits and HR Puf’nstuf among others. Here is a sampling of obscure Monkees trivia in memory of Davy and the group – enjoy trippin’ down memory lane – back to a more innocent time.

  • Mike Nesmith’s mom invented Liquid Paper.
  • Davy Jones opened a short-lived groovy clothes boutique named “Zilch” at 217 Thompson Street in Greenwich Village in 1967.
  • Micky Dolenz had an uncredited role in Peyton Place in 1965.
  • Peter Tork taught at a private secondary school in Santa Monica in the mid-1970s.
  • Born David Jones, David Bowie changed his last name in the 1960s to avoid confusion with the well-known Davy Jones.
  • Walter Koenig was cast in “Star Trek” (1966) because of his resemblance to Davy Jones; the producers hoped to attract a younger, teenage girl-audience.
  • Davy and Mike were born on the same day – December 30 in 1945 and 1942, respectively.
  • An accomplished musician, Peter was the first Monkee to play an instrument on one of their records – Papa Gene’s Blues.
  • Davy galloped the 3-year-old filly Love Dancing at Churchill Downs in 1994.
  • The iconic Monkeemobile sold at auction in 2008 for $500,000 to lucky new owner Mel Gutherie of Michigan.


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