Idiotic Volunteer Clerks’ Guide to Thrift Store Etiquette

Well, I am striking another Chicago-area thrift store off my list. I cannot forgive the idiotic behavior and ill manners of the ladies working at the Miseracordia Twice Blest Thrift Shop in Palatine. If this was the first time I encountered rudeness at this shop, I would give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, they are volunteers supposedly working for a worthy cause – to benefit people with developmental disabilities and their families. But every time I have been here, the ladies working there have been crabby and bordering on nasty. This visit, however, pushed me over the edge.

This is a field I worked in once upon a time and my niece is developmentally disabled, so the cause holds a special place in my heart. As I was browsing, I heard them tell a gentleman, “Well, you can have this furniture set (which was unmarked) for $110.00, but don’t expect that price the next time you come back. We all price things differently depending on how we feel!” Needless to say, he left without buying it. Wow – so it depends on the volunteer’s mood or perhaps how you look to them. I don’t understand this attitude.

I continued shopping and found a pair of shoes I liked. There was a large sign that said: “Shoes $3.00 unless otherwise marked.” I did see some shoes that were marked higher on the soles, such as boots and men’s gym shoes. I brought the unmarked pair of Naturalizer mules up to the counter and the two ladies both inspected them everywhere for a price. There was no other price marked on them so they should have been $3.00 according to the signage. The rudest of the two ladies said they are $5.00, not $3.00. I said that is not correct according to your sign. She snarled at me and said, “That is too bad – if you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine.” I promptly left and will NEVER set foot in this shop again. I wonder if the powers that be at Miseracordia know what petty volunteers are working in the thrift shop that is supposed to have an altruistic cause and benefit their clients.

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