Subway, You Lost My Business!

I’m a real grouch when it comes to commercials. I hate, detest, despise and am fed up with most of the advertising I see on TV. Lately a couple of Subway ad campaigns have really gotten my ire up. I’m talking about the endlessly annoying “Five Dollar Foot Long” series and the offensive “Office Workers Talking Like Kids” ads.

Normally I would have a link to, or embed a commercial I’m grouching about in this post. But I want to spare you, dear reader, any possiblity of suffering through this insult.

First the “Five Dollar Foot Long” commercials: Endlessly repetitive to the point of driving one crazy. The inane and downright stupid setups for people (or things)  in various occupations and activities to repeat the phrase while holding their hands apart roughly approximating 12 inches makes the thought of going back to Subway impossible. These are my knee-jerk thoughts on those commercials. I don’t want to waste much more time on them. If you want to read a better analysis check out this article on Slate.

And the kid voices commercials: Excuse me, but strip away the stupid dubbed voices and the typical office settings and look at the script. This is rude, childish behavior by any measure. Are we supposed to find it funny when anybody lies, cheats or ridicules others like this in ANY situation? My eyeballs threaten to roll back into my head permanently every time one of these atrocious ads air.

Whatever happened to ads that simply say “We have tasty, (relatively) healthy sandwiches made in minutes! Probably just a block from where you live!”

Jarod should be hanging his head in shame.

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