Some Staples’ Employees Need to Take a Chill Pill

I was kind of at a loss as to what to write about next until my visit to Staples yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I like to browse when I am in an office supply store, even if I know what I am after. In this case, I knew what I needed to purchase – down to the color of the Canon 226 ink cartridges that I had written on a post-it note. I was on my knees picking out the cartridges when a young man came up behind me and pounced on me – metaphorically, not literally. “Are you finding everything you need or can I help you?” I replied, “I know what I am looking for and I have already found it.” Not 2 minutes later, I spun around and he shoved a flier in my face hawking a $9.99 PC tune-up. He said, “Is your computer working OK at your house and do you know how to use it – how about a $9.99 tune-up?” I said, “No thanks, my husband is a computer expert.” What I really wanted to say was, “Get out of my face you little punk – my husband is in the next aisle and could run circles around you with his computer skills.” Later on I witnessed him ambushing every customer that came in the door and then following them around. And Jeff confirmed that he had bugged him.

When I went to check out, this elderly clerk was totally confused. She rang me up and didn’t balk at the coupons I handed her. But she complained loudly that the UPC code and print size was too small on the Staples email coupons and she couldn’t read it. After using the coupons and my gift card balance, I swiped my credit card. She was incredibly impatient and yelled at her register that the transaction wasn’t going through. Before I could tell her that it was processing, she hit cancel and told me to run the card through again. Then she complained about the speed of her register – not even giving the machine 10 seconds to think! She said, “This darn thing is so slow – your card is not processing and you need to swipe it once again.” This time I jumped in and exclaimed, “YES it is!” When my receipt finally started to print out, she grabbed it before it was done and ripped it nearly in half. All in all, this was a most unpleasant experience. I frequent this store regularly and have never seen these two people – perhaps they are temporary help hired for the holidays. I think these folks need to take a step back as well as their daily chill pill.


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